OpenSource Projects:

github home some study, env configuration and small test projects

homing auto fetch ticket from 12360

flash burner fast interface for flash programming

owa fetcher fetch mail from MS Exchange through owa

injection4octeon hotpatch library

uhoo old env setting locating on googlecode

wooha BSP and driver on mini2440 for teaching

sutras HW Reference Manual Translation

wifiera WIFI study

oct_prog Octeon Programmer's Guide (Chinese Version), the compiled version can be found here

Personal Stuffes:

my_book Experience on My life - the compiled version can be found here

my_photo Photoes

Internet Resources:

open_source_tour Introudce how to move to OpenSource World in Chinese

Linux_Specs Linux Referenced Specifications

GNU_Docs GNU Documents

LFS Hardened Linux From Scratch

OpenQbo Linux based Robot


HiJack Hijacking power and bandwidth from the mobile phone's audio interface


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last update: Apr. 9, 2012